Comic 21 - Chapter 4 - 1

23rd Jan 2021, 8:27 AM in Chapter 4: Trapped

"This is all bogus."

They were sitting on either side of a table, Val's photos held between them like playing cards. Eclectic furniture was clustered around the walls; one could guess at the real age of the room despite the new coat of varnish. The Caretaker's duster was hanging on a coatrack, so he and Anton were dressed nearly the same, the boy having taken to wearing a black hoodie, except with the hood hanging on his back. The old house still preserved the chill of winter inside.

"None of these symbols have any real power," continued the Reaper. "There must be some other cause."

Anton frowned. "But all the affected buildings here were marked like this in the living world."

"And all of them were falling apart," pointed out the dark one.

"So how are they causing..."

Anton's voice trailed off as they heard the door. The veiled woman stormed in and plopped down into a chair. She didn't say a word, but instead proceeded to rummage into her handbag with shaky hands. Nobody was with her.

"No news from him?" asked the Caretaker mildly.

Instead of answering, she threw a letter on the table. It was written in blue ink on heavy, cream-colored paper, and came in an ornate envelope.

"May I?" He opened it and read aloud.

My dear Y.,

I figured out how they're doing it! ... I think. Going to consult with an acquaintance; they've had a number of similar cases up in the mountains. We might just be able to help each other. You know...

...My, it's late. I'd better board my train; somebody might be watching me.

Yours, W.

"It was sent the day before we last met," she explained.

"No word since then?"

The woman shook her head.

"Does he know about the New System?"

"I'm not sure."

"What can they do to a Grim Reaper anyway?" interjected Anton.

She just stared at the boy while the Caretaker grumbled something unintelligible.

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