Comic 35 - Epilogue - 1

7th Feb 2021, 9:42 AM in Epilogue

"So, Mrs. Varga is really gone?" asked Anton.

The big square was much the way he remembered it from his first encounter with the Caretaker, all those months ago. If anything, it looked larger in the summer sunlight, the park on the far side surrounding them with color as they mingled with the crowd. Somehow, Val was with them, but Anton didn't think that was strange.

"Yeah..." Anne sighed. "She was the first to notice the disappearing children, and confronted Papp about it without telling anyone. I don't know what he told her, but by the time I figured out where she'd gone, it was too late."

"What will you do now?" inquired the Caretaker.

"Go on with my work at the school. We have a shortage of teachers now, and the kids need us more than ever. Most are too young to understand death, you know."

A fountain fired up its water jets right next to them. Even Y. giggled as they ran from the spray.

"Say, dear," she addressed W., "did you ever figure out what caused all that breakage throughout the city?"

"Why, the New Order did. They kept dreamers away and forced the dead into a regimented life. That would turn many into shadows, and with their minds gone, the places where they lived would descend into madness."

Anton lifted his eyebrows. "So it had nothing to do with the material world, after all?"

"But it did! All of that was causing a lot of distress to the living."

"I thought the dead couldn't affect the living to such a degree?"

W. frowned. "So did we, for the longest time. But the human mind is a powerful thing."

"So we had it backwards all along," mused the Caretaker. "We'll have to watch things closely from now on."

"That's where I come in," nodded W. proudly. "Ah, to feel useful again."

"Congratulations on your promotion, detective," deadpanned Anne, and they all laughed good-naturedly as the Afterlife unfolded around them.

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