Comic 34 - Chapter 5 - 5

6th Feb 2021, 8:32 AM in Chapter 5: Then fall together

Val wandered the city for a while, pondering the news. A bazaar caught his eye, and he took a detour through it, emerging with a handful of cheap memory cards. He put them in his phone one by one, while nursing a lemonade in the farthest corner of an air-conditioned cafe. Another half an hour went by at the post office, while he carefully scribbled down addresses on an equal number of envelopes. All of them ended up in a random mailbox on his way to the train station.

That evening he sat in front of the TV and watched the scandal explode on all the major news channels. Paranormal "experts" were giving the most entertaining explanations of the mystical symbols on the affected buildings. None of them came close to the real historical information. The police, in turn, seemed to think that Provost's gang had been systematically intimidating the sellers. That was going to be hard to prove, but the damage was done. Besides, one could always hope.

He turned off the lights and looked out the window of his tiny rental studio. A patch of stars was visible through the gap between two mountain peaks. Down in the street, a solitary lamp post cast its faint orange glow on crooked wooden fences and old cars. Tomorrow he would have to brave the streets and maybe end up bleeding to death in a dirty alleyway. Like Anton had...

Val slept, and dreamed that he was walking in a park with Anton, who was introducing his new friends, but he couldn't see their faces or hear their names. So he settled for basking in the blinding sunlight with them. Maybe they didn't have all the time in the world, but they had an awful lot of it, and he wanted to use every moment.

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