Comic 3 - Prologue - 2

4th Jan 2021, 8:57 AM in Prologue

It was too dark to see, and his feet could barely move, but the boy's companion dragged him by the elbow at dizzying speed among indistinct bits of architecture.

"What's going on?" he whined.

"No time to explain. Here."

There was a chainlink fence barring their way, lit from the other side by a dull lightbulb. The Reaper pressed his body against it, felt around with his hands... just like that, he was on the other side.

"Come on, quickly!"

"But!..." The boy pushed at the fence desperately. "What did you do?"

"Crap, never mind. Give me your hands."

They joined fingers through the cold links, squeezing numbly while footsteps came closer and closer... then they were in each other's place and the boy could see who was after him.

Bullies. His high-school nemesis. They towered over the slender Reaper, snickering and flaunting their muscles. "Whatcha gonna do, boy?" they chanted. "We're gonna getcha..."

"Go!" snarled his supernatural protector, eyes glowing red under the hood. "I'll hold them."

The boy watched helplessly as big hands pulled at the one victim they could reach. He turned and ran among row houses, while lightning crackled behind him in the street.

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