Comic 29 - Chapter 4 - 9

1st Feb 2021, 8:30 AM in Chapter 4: Trapped

The Internet Cafe was as noisy as ever, but that just meant nothing was out of place, Val told himself as he watched his friend descend on his mouse and keyboard like a hawk. The man paused at one point to gobble down a big glass of soda, then clicked and typed some more.

"I thought you were being paranoid, but check this out! All those places you spotted last time were just bought by this one guy."

Val leaned forward, the slice of pizza in his hand dangling dangerously over the nearby printer. "He must be rich."

"He is. Made a fortune in real estate speculations twenty years ago. But he got really good deals, too."

"How so?"

"All the former owners were complaining about ghosts, curses, suspect suicides and so on. But only in the past few months."

"Really!" Val looked at the photo on the monitor again. It showed an old man, tall and thin, standing very straight with an unpleasant expression on his face. A name was written underneath: Paul Provost.

"Where have I seen that name before?" mused Val. "Wait... wasn't he the guy with the sect you told me about?"

"Can't be... that was nearly two centuries ago." Click, click. "What do you know, you're right. Same last name... they even look much the same."

"Hm." Val bit into his rapidly cooling pizza and chewed slowly.

His friend turned his chair to face him. "Val... I don't know what you're planning to do, but please don't make any more waves. I heard what happened last time."

Val patted him on the shoulder.

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