Comic 28 - Chapter 4 - 8

31st Jan 2021, 9:13 AM in Chapter 4: Trapped

The school building was unlocked, and Anton didn't question his good luck. There was barely any light left when he snuck inside, but he was fairly certain the sprawling courtyard was deserted.

Within, it was very quiet, and everything looked much older than it did by daylight. The boy had no idea where to start looking, so he settled for following the same itinerary as last time. The top floor was just as empty as the rest. On a whim, he took the stairs again, and this time they continued upwards beyond the point where the roof should have been.

This part of the building looked even older than the rest. He climbed for a long time, past locked doors facing random directions, until he reached one that opened onto a dark corridor. Voices and a beam of light came from the first room along it, which smelled like a doctor's office. Anton came closer and listened.

"This plan of yours better work, Klaus."

"Don't worry, Papp. It will work better than the hare-brained scheme we've been running so far."

"Be careful whom you say that around."

"Why, truth hurts? We've been enriching that living offspring of our esteemed leader, while all we got was more shadows to take care of."

"But don't you see? That's the point."

"More work for ourselves?"

"Precisely! The dead will be flocking to us for protection."

The second voice grumbled. "So far they seem more afraid of us than the shadows. And that Reaper has been pretty good at mopping things up."

Anton inched his way to a better position. The landing creaked under his foot, and the two men were quiet for a moment.

"Well, we sent him on a merry chase, didn't we?" Papp's voice sounded awfully smug.

"There's also that nosy teacher..."

"Heh. She won't be bothering us anymore. I... persuaded her to stay out of our way."

The answer came muffled, among quiet shuffling noises. "That just leaves the boy, then."

Anton held his breath. Just in time to hear a door opening behind him.

A man in a lab coat blocked his way back to the stairs. He had a syringe in his hand.

"Hold him, Papp."

Strong arms grabbed the boy from behind. He struggled, and Papp swore. But he didn't let go, and Anton could only stare at the advancing needle. Lightning, he remembered. How did the Caretaker do it? He focused, fighting his panic. Only a few piddly sparks jumped from his fingertips, but the man named Klaus jumped back with a strangled cry.

"Brat!" he spat, and threw his instrument. Anton felt a painful jab in his side. As his world began to grow dark, he briefly felt like being tightly wrapped in a twisted bedsheet.

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