Comic 26 - Chapter 4 - 6

29th Jan 2021, 9:00 AM in Chapter 4: Trapped

"They'll be after us now."

In the cruel sunlight that followed summer rain, the open air mall looked even more dilapidated than usual. Anton and his mentor were sitting on one side of a table; Anne and Y., on the other. Now and then, the dead passing them by would slow down in their listless shuffle to stare with empty eyes.

"I don't understand," complained Anne. "Why can't we just go to, er, a higher power?"

"The New System isn't breaking any rules, as far as we can prove," explained the Caretaker.

"What about major interference with the living?" piped his female counterpart. "If W.'s right..."

"How's W. anyway?" asked Anton quickly.

"Recovering. He's off showing your living friend's photographs to certain people."

Anne kicked the boy under the table. "Why don't you ask me how I am?"

He blushed. "How've you been, Anne?"

"Dead!" she grinned. "Y.'s been showing me around. Oh, and your friend Mrs. Varga asked me to be her assistant at the school."

"She's not my friend, exactly..." Anton looked at the Caretaker. "No offense, but she's kind of creepy."

"And I'm not?" he smirked.

The boy gulped.

It was Y. who broke the silence again. "What's our next move?"

The Caretaker pondered the question. "We need to figure out their scheme. And find allies."

She nodded briskly and got up. "We'll be on our way, then."

"Y... Take care."

"...You too."

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