Comic 36 - Epilogue - 2

8th Feb 2021, 6:56 AM in Epilogue

Downtown sprawled before Anton and the Caretaker, a galaxy of lights adorning the towers and malls, and the palaces with their fountains. They lifted in the air, going higher and faster until the city was far below, and only the night sky looked down on them. The boy noticed with surprise that his mentor had trouble keeping up.

"Are you all right?" he called worriedly.

"Give me your hand," replied the Reaper.

So Anton pulled him along, and they sat at the top of a spire to watch the urban starscape.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" said the Caretaker. "In all these decades, I've seldom had the opportunity to see the city like that."

"How come?"

"I can't fly all that well, Anton. That's your power." He chuckled. "Besides, I'm old."

"You look younger than W., maybe even Y.," pointed out the boy. "You dress younger, too."

"I try to keep up with the times. Then again, so did Provost in his own strange way," added the Reaper bitterly.

"Is... is it true? What he said -- that there was something personal between the two of you?"

The Caretaker hung his head. "Yes." He took his time before continuing. "I'm his grand-grandson, or thereabouts. "And the still-living Provost is mine."

"I thought you didn't remember your name," said Anton carefully.

"It was the one memory I tried to get rid of. And it was forced back on me."

Silence descended between them.

"Anton... there's something I wanted to tell you tonight. It is time."

"Time for what?"

"For you to take my place. You're more than ready for that."

"Take your place? What are you going to... Oh no. No!" shouted the boy. He grabbed his mentor by the lapels of his duster, and shook him. "I'm not losing you so soon! It's not fair!"

"The Afterlife isn't fair, Anton. And you've seen what happens to those who linger on for too long."

"Well, you're not him. You have friends. And work. Didn't you tell me that there are never enough Reapers around? Or..." The boy couldn't go on.

The Caretaker looked at his crying student in surprise, then slowly, carefully hugged him.

"All right, all right. Tell you what: I'll think about it some more. For... oh, another lifetime or so."

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Author Notes:

Felix 8th Feb 2021, 6:56 AM edit delete
And this concludes the story! Thank you for reading! Sadly I never wrote a sequel, but if there's interest I could upload more stories, preferably some that come with more art. See you!